To ensure transparency, responsibility, and ethical governance, we publicly share our corporate governance information. Official documents, supporting our commitment to transparent and ethical governance, are accessible below.

Code of Conduct

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. The Noble Energy Code of Conduct lays out our expectations for directors, officers, employees, contract staff and business partners wherever we operate. See our Code of Conduct here.

Corporate Governance Documents

committee charters

other governance documents

political activity and contributions

Committee Membership

Jeffrey L. Berenson   committee chair committee member  
James E. Craddock   committee chair committee chair committee chair
Barbara J. Duganier committee chair   committee chair  
Thomas J. Edelman committee member   committee chair committee chair
Holli C. Ladhani committee member   committee member committee chair
David L. Stover       committee chair
Scott D. Urban   committee member committee chair committee chair
William T. Van Kleef committee chair   committee chair  
Martha B. Wyrsch   committee member committee member  
committee chair


committee member


Insider Ownership
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Insider Transaction
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Contact the Board

Shareholders and other interested parties may contact any member (or all members) of the Board, through one of the below-listed options.

noble energy, inc.

Attn: Corporate Secretary
1001 Noble Energy Way
Houston, TX 77070

Compliance Line:


*confidential and anonymous

All communications received will be opened by the office of the Company's General Counsel for the sole purpose of determining whether the contents represent a message to our Directors. Any contents that are not in the nature of advertising, promotions of a product or service, or patently offensive material will be forwarded promptly to the addressee. In the case of communications to the Board or any group or Committee of Directors, the General Counsel's office will make sufficient copies of the contents to send to each Director who is a member of the group or Committee to which the envelope or e-mail is addressed.

Audit Committee Complaints Policy

Noble Energy, Inc. is committed to compliance with applicable securities and other laws, rules and regulations, accounting standards and internal accounting controls. It is the responsibility of each director, officer and employee of the Company promptly to report complaints or concerns regarding accounting, internal accounting controls and auditing matters.

Please choose one of the below-listed options to report complaints about the company's accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters or other concerns to the Audit Committee:

Chair, audit committee

Noble Energy, Inc.
1001 Noble Energy Way
Houston, Texas 77070

Contact the audit committee

Compliance Line:


*confidential and anonymous