A Learning Culture

Putting learning in the hands of employees allows our people to be more self-directed in their career advancement. Two new tools introduced in 2017 support this philosophy: Noble Spirit and the Leadership Advantage portal.

Noble Spirit is a series of standalone leadership offerings developed in-house and designed to provide leaders across our company with practical takeaways and techniques to apply and share with their teams via interactive, facilitated sessions. Topics piloted in 2017 were “Building Trust,” “Change: Resiliency & Adaptability” and “Employee Development, Coaching & Delegation.” A total of 73 individuals in Houston, Greeley, and Equatorial Guinea participated in one or more of the sessions.

“These [Noble Spirit] courses help empower me to better support my staff and more effectively collaborate with other disciplines.”

– EHSR Leader

The Leadership Advantage portal launched in the first half of 2017 offers employees at all levels a one-stop shop for leadership learning. Individuals can self-select bite-sized 5 to 20-minute lessons all available via desktop or mobile device. The externally sourced library of short videos, executive audiobook summaries, self-assessments and live events are designed to provoke thought and develop immediate leadership competencies.