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Noble Energy Appreciates Colorado Voter Support

Noble Energy and Noble Midstream Appreciate Colorado Voters’ Support of Responsible and Sustainable Energy Development


HOUSTON (November 7, 2018) -- Noble Energy, Inc. and Noble Midstream Partners LP today issued the following statement regarding Colorado voters’ rejection of Proposition 112 on November 6, 2018:

“We appreciate the people of Colorado voting in support of responsible energy development and rejecting the energy ban of Proposition 112.  We are particularly grateful to our employees, the business community, and the individuals and elected representatives from both parties who publicly recognized the need to defeat Proposition 112 and avoid the devastating impact it would have had on the economy, employment, schools and communities.  Noble Energy and Noble Midstream are part of the Colorado community, and we will continue to work to create solutions that fuel the Colorado economy and jobs for many years to come while promoting safe and responsible energy development.”