Educating for the Energy Future

Our investments in education support the future of our communities – and help enable the future of energy as well.

In Houston, we are building on a partnership with the first high school focused on preparing students for careers in energy. The Houston Independent School District’s Energy Institute High School is a five-year-old STEM-focused magnet school that just moved into its permanent campus in September 2018. Noble Energy commissioned four art pieces for the school that tell the story of oil and natural gas in everyday life. Students and community members participated in the creation of the pieces, bridging art and science in a way that enriches the student experience. As we expand our collaboration in 2019, we plan to bring interns from the school into our headquarters to build very early career experience. 


In Texas, we support environmental education through our first-of-its-kind partnership with the Texas Wildlife Association Foundation and its Learning Across New Dimensions in Science (L.A.N.D.S.) program. The L.A.N.D.S. program provides classroom curricula, special presentations, field trips, learning modules, webinars, and interactive video conferencing programs designed to increase natural resource literacy among students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. 

As the program entered its second school year, the local educator – funded by Noble Energy’s support – focused on experiential presentations such as exploring soil composition, experimenting with aquifer models, observing bird biofacts and competing in life-cycle game shows. In all, the educator delivered 488 presentations to more than 12,000 students.

We also continue our extensive support of education programs in Israel to build the workforce needed for the country’s new energy industry. Reflecting the maturity of this effort, we are now hiring technical and professional graduates for our offshore production platform.

Beyond STEM and energy education, we also support student success in other ways.

In Colorado, we continued our partnership with the Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA)  to deliver an innovative curriculum that supports Colorado State Standards for more than 924 students served at 18 schools across the state. The curriculum has been taught for 3 years with almost 3,000 students served.

Houston, we support the Youth Program at Aldine Family Hope Center. In the Aldine Independent School District area, there are very few after-school programs or options for low-income families. To address this at-risk population of students and reduce the high drop-out rate in the district, we helped fund an after-school and summer program that includes academic enhancements, social development, character development and practical life-skills. Over the three years since its inception, the program has operated at full capacity and served about 140 at-risk young people during each school year and 100 students during each summer break. The program’s success has been exceptional: 100 percent of students progressed to the next grade level each year and only one program graduate left high school without graduating.

Better lives and a better energy future – education is the path to both.