NO HARM Is Our Aspiration

Across Noble Energy, we have built our culture around the goal of “NO HARM” to people, communities and the environment. Over the past seven years, this philosophy has permeated the organization. 

In 2018, we focused our efforts on measuring the effectiveness of our NO HARM programs and performance. We engaged with key internal stakeholders to update our NO HARM maturity model which defines specific behaviors that progress our culture towards sustainable excellence. We will use this tool to develop future action plans for continuous improvement.

Our “Leading NO HARM” training program is an invaluable resource in creating a safety mindset in our employees and contractors. In 2018, we held a total of 16 workshops in which 312 employees and 10 contractor companies participated. To fully leverage our knowledge base, we conducted workshops for Permian Basin and Eagle Ford Shale contractor crews and for our Leviathan project team working stateside for the Eastern Mediterranean.  

We set a goal for each member of our US Onshore leadership team to facilitate at least one “Leading NO HARM” workshop during the year. In 2018, nine leaders facilitated workshops, illustrating the importance our top leaders place on building awareness around safe lifestyle and work habits.

Internal safety meetings, conferences and other training events during the year reinforced key principles of NO HARM.  The US Onshore Training and Competency team provided safety training to 1,846 learners who participated in 287 classes resulting in 1,128 hours of instruction.

In Israel we conducted:

  • A Safety Summit with over 200 employees and contractors. The aim was to familiarize the contractor community with our 2018 vision “Zero is Achievable” and our NO HARM culture.
  • “Foundation of Process Safety” training
  • “Engaging Leaders in Safety” workshops for operations project teams
  • Health Week for office and field teams to increase awareness of healthy lifestyles

In Equatorial Guinea, more than 200 employees and contractors participated in the 2018 NO HARM Week, a summit that included:

  • A health and safety scavenger hunt

  • “Leading NO HARM” courses

  • “Engaging Leaders in Safety” workshop

  • Core safety program information booths

  • Bioko Island anti-malaria program presentation

  • Hazard awareness training program for non-operations groups

To share what we have learned with others in the industry, we conducted “Leading NO HARM” training for five of our industry peers. Our leadership in this area was recognized by one of our peers at a meeting of the American Exploration and Production Council (AXPC).

“It was a great opportunity to see what other companies are doing to improve EHS performance. Sharing best practices across our industry is becoming a more common practice and great safety performance is the one metric the industry must continue to reach for perfection. I really appreciated the openness and sharing that Noble exhibited.”

– AXPC Member