Protecting Israeli Wildlife

In 2018, we moved a number of our biodiversity efforts forward, particularly at our offshore operations.

To minimize our impact offshore Israel, we conducted biodiversity training focused on field environment awareness, biodiversity and ecosystem services, wildlife at the work site, discharges to the sea, and ways to better manage waste.  We conducted sensitive habitat area surveys along the Leviathan pipeline route to verify chemosynthetic community locations. Chemosynthetic tubeworms were identified in the lower continental shelf near the Leviathan pipeline location. Mitigation and post-pipeline laying surveys showed that none of the tubeworm locations were damaged.        

During the initial construction phase of the Leviathan project (link to page), we worked diligently to protect the sea turtles from the vessel operating near shore. A detailed procedure for marine mammals – including sea turtle rescue – was developed and training was provided to contractors.  Marine mammal observation experts were continuously present on the vessels to advise the crew and inform operations. It is worth noting that the Israeli National Parks Authority report record numbers of egg laying by brown sea turtles recorded last summer (2018). And the numbers of green turtle nests were also higher in relation to previous years.