Reducing Emissions in Colorado

We are proud of our strong commitment to protect human health and the environment in our activities, and we support cost-effective, technically-feasible regulatory programs that enable responsible exploration activities and energy development.

We take actions to reduce emissions from our operations.  It is our operational priority to “keep product in the pipe,” and that makes good business sense.

We invest in emissions-reducing technologies and best practices and have advanced operational approaches.  We participate in collaborative initiatives focused on emissions detection and reduction and voluntary disclosure.  In Colorado, we have supported state regulations to substantially reduce emissions from oil and gas operations through improved leak detection and repair protocols and storage tank emissions management programs.


Looking forward in Colorado, our Mustang Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP) ushers in a new era of technology, innovation and continuous improvement. The first-ever CDP approved by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, our Mustang CDP serves as a blueprint for master-planned energy development reducing emissions through innovative designs that eliminate tanks, use electricity rather than diesel and take out older vertical wells. It will also minimizes our footprint by reducing land usage and eliminating truck trips.  We are also installing electric power lines in the CDP to further reduce emissions by eliminating the need for diesel generators. These are some of the ways we are doing things better. Learn more about the Mustang CDP here.

The contributions of these initiatives are evident: According to the Regional Air Quality Commission’s latest report for the seven-county Denver Metro/North Front Range area, volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from oil and natural gas operations in the area decreased 45 percent between 2011 and 2017. At the same time, oil and natural gas production in the measured area increased by 335 percent.

Learn more about our work to reduce air emissions: