Our Sustainability Commitments


Protect workers, the environment and communities where we operate



Develop and maintain strong relationships with our contractors to achieve operational and environmental, health and safety excellence



Reduce our impact on the environment by developing and applying best-practice technologies, such as:

  • Responsible management of water supply and quality including sourcing, well  integrity, transport, use, treatment, recycling, reuse and disposal
  • Management of air emissions, including greenhouse gas emissions and ozone precursors (volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides)            



Engage with stakeholders to better understand their perspectives, to inform decision-making and to seek mutually beneficial solutions



Respect human rights and the cultures of communities where we operate


Make social investments that create value for stakeholders on a sustainable basis and are consistent with our business objectives



Conduct our business in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and in a transparent manner


 Foster a culture where innovation and inclusion are embraced and a collaborative learning environment maximizes everyone’s potential