Environmental Management

For Noble Energy, minimizing our environmental impacts and complying with applicable health, safety and environmental laws, regulations and policies are of fundamental importance. We reflect our commitment to this ideal through the development and application of best practices and innovative technologies throughout our operations.

We consider environmental protection an integral part of achieving operational excellence. For this reason, we do not capture a separate total dollar figure for environmental protection spending. We continually monitor and measure our environmental risks and remain committed to raising our operating standards to reduce associated impacts of our operations. We manage our efforts through a Global Environmental, Health and Safety Management System.

In 2018, our core environmental programs included:

  • Greenhouse gas and other air emission reductions (including natural gas production and expansion in Israel that reduces reliance on high-carbon energy sources)
  • Biodiversity
  • Land use (including facility decommissioning)
  • Water efficiency, conservation and quality
  • Waste management
  • Leaks and spills management

In 2018, we divested our U.S. Gulf of Mexico assets. Data from these assets are included in our 2017 environmental data but, going forward, we will review our environmental programs to focus on the specific risks associated with our updated portfolio. The data and examples shown in each section indicate the scope of our commitment.