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Improving Oil and Gas Production Through Innovation

As part of our commitment to improve operations, we identified and developed new approaches for reducing our surface footprint to limit impacts. We use a fourth generation Econode production facility design that can take only 2.5 surface acres to produce the same amount of energy that previously required 400 surface acres - a reduction in land use of more than 99%. These facilities are equipped with solar-powered automation and communications that enable continuous monitoring.  They also:

  • Consolidate production operations into one system and inject oil and natural gas directly into the pipeline.     
  • Eliminate production tanks, combustion equipment and fuel trucks.    
  • Cut combustion emissions and potential leak sources.
  • Since 2017, the Colorado Gen 4 Econode units, which we have expanded to our Texas operations, contributed to a reduction of more than 30 percent in our onshore U.S. emissions of VOCs.