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Rotational Program

Rebecca Little is a first-year engineer in Noble Energy’s rotational engineering program. For new graduates, this three-year program provides the opportunity to explore three different engineering roles throughout the company.

“Noble Energy really encourages you to take charge of your own career,” says Rebecca. “Instead of telling you where to go and what to do, Noble encourages rotators to reach out to various managers and seek out the best fit for them for their future rotations. So I can create and follow my own path.”

Rebecca started out in the South Texas prospect development group and will soon be transitioning onto the Gulf of Mexico production team. “I’ve met such a great variety of mentors who not only helped me succeed in my role but also helped me narrow in on what to explore next,” she adds. “Because the company has such a diversified profile, I am able to see a  wide variety of the industry at the very beginning of my career, and home in on what I’m really passionate about to find my best fit for a permanent role.”