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Leading the Way in Cyprus

Noble Energy was the first operator to discover natural gas resources offshore the Republic of Cyprus. In November 2019, we entered an amended production sharing contract and received the first exploitation license granted by the Government of Cyprus. These agreements provide a fiscal and regulatory pathyway for economic development of the Aphrodite field.

The Aphrodite field has the potential to help meet strong regional demand. We look forward to working with the government and people of Cyprus to help the country and te region realize the economic benefits Aphrodite can provide. 

Reflecting our commitment to the republic’s economic future, Noble Energy participates on the International Presidential Business Advisory Council, which focuses on improving the country’s capacity to innovate and compete on a global scale.

In recognition of our leading role in development of natural gas resources in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Noble Energy was presented with the Cyprus International Promotion Agency International Investment Award in both 2012 and 2015.

Eastern Mediterranean Map

Running in Color for Health

Running in ColorOur community health efforts in Cyprus focus on employee involvement in local health causes. Cyprus employees participated in a Run in Color event, part of an international series created to motivate participants to boost their wellness and health. The run benefited the Childrens Cancer Center unit of Makarios Hospital, a public hospital in Cyprus that specializes in childrens healthcare.


Providing Lunch for Students

Sophia Foundation Moms

Mothers cooking lunch for children at school is the simple yet ingenious idea behind Sophia Foundation for Childrens I Cook and I Offer program in Cyprus. Noble Energy donates to support this program, which is run in cooperation with the Cyprus Ministry of Education in more than a dozen all-day primary schools.

Sophia Foundation KidsThe Sophia Foundation for Children constructs and equips the kitchen of each school as a permanent gift to the community, then recruits unemployed mothers of the students to become the kitchen staff. One who is an experienced cook is employed to run the kitchen, and others serve as volunteer helpers and receive a nominal amount as a contribution towards their basic expenses. In addition, families who can afford it offer a small fee per month for each child as their contribution. All food and other supplies are provided by the foundation.