Communities – Eastern Mediterranean

In the Eastern Mediterranean, Noble Energy’s successful offshore exploration and development of natural gas and Israel’s approval of a new regulatory framework have helped create a new energy industry in Israel. Many of our community outreach programs remain focused on building the skilled workforce that will enable Israel to reap the full economic benefits of this new industry. In nearby Cyprus, where we have an as-yet-undeveloped discovery, our community outreach is in its early stages, too.

Education/Workforce Development

HeznekThe Noble-Ruppin Center for Energy Professions at Ruppin Technological College is a higher education center we helped build and support to educate and train the next generation of Israeli professional employees in the energy industry. Noble Energy engineers assisted in the development of the curriculum and often provide professional seminars and guest lectures to the students throughout the year. Now in its third year, the program will launch its first internships in 2017, offering a select group of students the opportunity to execute their final project at Noble Energy.

At the high-school level, we help sponsor two main programs at the Heznek-L'Atid association, a unique organization that provides professional training in the energy and natural gas fields for at-risk students across Israel. The first program is Heznek Lata'asiya (Sprint to the Industry), which gives 10th-12th graders a chance to learn in a technological high school program that incorporates personal empowerment and practical work experience. The second, Heznek L'Handesayim (Sprint to Vocational Training), aims to address the high percentage of drop-outs from the vocational training programs in Israel by providing a supporting environment, extracurricular classes and employment guidance to lead students to succeed. The program is taking place in six different technological colleges throughout the country including the Noble-Ruppin center. We support Heznek Lata'asiya programs in multiple locations that make it accessible to students from all sectors. The program has also encouraged an increasing number of female students to pursue engineering and related fields.

"The program changed my life. Thanks to the program, a new world has been opened to me. For the first time in my life, I am excelling in something. It's the first time I've made my parents proud. My dream is to work in the Israeli industry and to keep learning as much as I can.”

- Heznek student

For the past three years, Noble Energy has sponsored a middle-school program that focuses on the oil and natural gas industry. The Ta'asiyeda program is part of the educational outreach of the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel, which provides programs in various industries. In 2016, over 16,800 young students participated in 60 courses called “A City with New Energy” and 500 workshops called “The Energy Revolution in Israel.” Noble Energy sponsored Ta'asiyeda programs in schools across the country. At the end of each course, the students presented cutting-edge ideas for an energy-efficient city with a focus on natural gas use using a three dimensional model of the “city of the future."

"Before the course I did not know what natural gas was. I heard little about it on the news. This course made me realize how important it is for our country and our environment."

- Ta'asiyeda student

smart cityShuir Archer is another educational program we have supported on an ongoing basis. This program for middle- and high-school students focuses on professional careers such as law and accounting. Each of ten sessions covers one profession in depth in an engaging way. Our professional staff participate in these sessions to help students understand the variety of careers open to them. 

Noble Energy’s support of the Jewish Agency's Youth Futures program, which provides disadvantaged Israeli youth with an opportunity to develop their academic and social skills, continued in 2016. Volunteers spent a day renovating an older Youth Futures center in Tel Aviv, transforming a gray, dingy shelter into a colorful and happy space. The volunteers’ efforts were supplemented by a donation from Noble Energy. In another project, 50 Noble Energy employees prepared 225 Purim baskets and delivered them to children in the Youth Futures program in Tel Aviv and Jaffa.

Community Engagement

In late 2016 we introduced a monthly half-day visitor program to which we invite students and other groups to increase their familiarity with the workings of the energy industry. The program includes presentations on natural gas in Israel and on engineering, and includes a tour and discussions with our geological experts. One well-received feature is a quiz that participants take using a smartphone app.

Community Health

Recently, Noble Energy employees in Israel volunteered to distribute food baskets to families in need for Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. The volunteer day was held through Pitchon Lev, a national humanitarian NGO that helps organizations distribute food to thousands of disadvantaged people throughout Israel. In addition, Noble Energy made a donation that helped feed another 100 families during the holidays.

Environmental Efforts

Noble Energy employees in Israel volunteered with the Israeli Archeological Institute in the ancient port city of Caesarea to support efforts to rebuild the city. Caesarea – a city dedicated to Caesar Augustus by Herod the Great nearly 2,000 years ago – is rich in cultural heritage and its story is an important part of Israel’s history. Employees took part in excavations around the city that aim to explore and understand the ancient regimes of Caesarea. During the excavation, volunteers found ancient coins, bones, broken clay pots and other relics.


Our initial community activities in the Republic of Cyprus are centered on community health.

In 2016 we supported the Sophia Foundation’s “I Cook and I Offer” program. With the support of the Cyprus Ministry of Education, the foundation constructs and equips kitchens in all-day primary schools and brings in mothers as volunteers to cook every day for their children.

We also supported the Red Cross through both a financial donation and volunteer involvement. In Cyprus, the organization’s largest activity is the operation of the Children Therapy Centre Stella Soulioti in Limassol. There, children aged up to 18 years old with severe physical disabilities, such as paralysis, muscular dystrophy, and other serious developmental and mobility problems are cared for.

A group of Noble Energy employees in Cyprus participated in the 5K corporate race that was part of the 10th Annual Limassol Marathon. This year’s race raised money for the Karaiskakio Foundation in support of the Bone Marrow Donor Registry.