Communities - Gulf of Mexico

Because our U.S. Gulf of Mexico business unit operates entirely offshore, much of its community support is linked to our Houston headquarters. In mid-2016, however, the business unit formed its own community outreach committee to identify and coordinate partnerships in communities we touch along the coast in Texas, Louisiana and Alabama.


The first volunteer day organized by the Gulf of Mexico community outreach committee brought 26 employees to Waller, Texas, to work with the Katy Prairie Conservancy. The nonprofit organization works to protect greenspace for its conservation and recreational benefits, to enhance wildlife habitat, restore tallgrass prairie and wetlands, and sponsor scientific research. Throughout the day, employees planted and watered a total of 327 plants.

Education/Workforce Development

In partnership with the National Energy Education Development Project (NEED), the Gulf of Mexico business unit sponsored two training workshops for public and private middle and high school math and science teachers. The first, in LaPlace, Louisiana, brought in more than 20 teachers from numerous surrounding parishes. The second, in Mobile, Alabama, hosted nearly 40 teachers. The workshops provided teachers with resources and supplies to teach their students about the science of energy, sources of energy, technology and innovation surrounding oil and natural gas exploration, different uses of oil and natural gas and conservation of natural resources.