Diversity is a key value both in our employee culture and in our community support. We recognize that we increasingly live in a global world that is interconnected – and we are headquartered in the most ethnically diverse city in the United States. Honoring the diversity within our workforce and reaching out to connect with future talent from varied backgrounds are important to our sustainable future.

We have proactively sought over the last three years to establish more relationships with “non-traditional” community partners, particularly in the DJ Basin, our largest operating area, and in Houston. These include both business-focused groups such as the Urban League, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Women’s Chamber of Commerce, and non-profit organizations that serve or benefit underserved populations. Many of the organizations listed in the Communities section of this report reflect that focus.

Our forward social investment strategy aims to have a balanced portfolio or projects and partnerships reflective of the populations in the communities where we operate and specifically to emphasize programs serving a greater share of women and more mixed ethnic/racial composition. 

A few examples of our 2016 activities illustrate this strategy: