Risk Communication and Outreach

In 2016, we continued to focus on community awareness around our operations. A particular area of ongoing concern is fishing safety near our operations in Equatorial Guinea. Three events on Bioko Island helped reinforce this communication.

Reflective tape on boats
  • A safety and biodiversity community awareness event, in partnership with the Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program (BBPP), brought together nearly 100 participants from the major fishing communities to educate, discuss and inform about the dangers of fishing near oil and natural gas operations as well as about artisanal fishing impacts on biodiversity. The event included roundtable discussions and distribution of 117 life jackets. BBPP also provided food, refreshments and children’s books to the families.
  • As follow-up, we held a further discussion with a dozen fishing boat owners and fishermen, providing ongoing education and assistance efforts focused on safety. Our team distributed additional protective clothing to the fishermen.
  • The third event was held at the beach in Ela Nguema where many fishermen launch their boats. We applied reflective tape to the hulls of 15 fishing vessels to improve their visibility to larger service vessels operating around the island. We also provided materials they could apply to vessels that were moored offshore. Response to the ongoing support has been enthusiastic, and we have been invited to continue with the program at other beaches.

Improving Safety Data Sheets for Third Parties

We continue to enhance our procedures for Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for employees and contractors by providing more accurate detail on characteristics such as explosive range, flammability, viscosity, and volatility. While the industry standard has long been to categorize unrefined petroleum products with generalized information, our region-specific SDS facilitate safe handling. We continually review product data to increase the specificity of our SDS.