Spills, Fines and Violations

Spill Management

We prevent spills through measures that encompass each step in our operations, from site design and operational planning through mechanical integrity testing and inspections. In the DJ Basin and Marcellus Shale, for example, our operational planning determined that transporting certain chemicals in dry form rather than liquid form would minimize spill risk. We also have in place contingency plans and response equipment for the possibility of an unintentional release of hydrocarbons either from a well or from one of our vessels. We track spills and report any that meet state or federal reporting thresholds. In 2016 we also updated our Tier 2 Process Safety Standard to align with API and industry best practices. Click here to learn more about the steps we took to improve process safety practices in 2016.


Spills 2014 2015 Onshore 2015 Global 2016 Onshore 2016 Global
Total Number 90 91 94 93 95
Hydrocarbons (in barrels) 697.5 403.6 403.7 135.4 135.8
Water (in barrels) 609 239.3 239.3 172.6 172.6
Other (in barrels)* 464 0 0.07 0 0



Noble Energy paid a total of $474,236 in penalties for U.S. and state-level environmental violations in 2016.

In the Marcellus Shale, we paid $67,500 for air-related violations. We paid penalties of $35,500 for non-air-related fines.

In the DJ Basin, we paid $371,236 for air-related violations. We had no non-air-related fines.

We received no notices of violations in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico in 2016.