Former Intern Testimonials


Enterprise Systems Analyst

I wanted to be part of a growing industry that fostered a culture that I identified with. Noble checked all those boxes for me. I really felt like I was part of the team and that I was contributing something of value.

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Sr. Financial Analyst

I had the privilege of interning with Noble Energy twice and I can’t say enough about how great my experiences were. As an intern, I was encouraged to be involved and ask questions. I worked on projects that I believed added tremendous value to the company. I also had the opportunity to travel and see Noble’s culture outside of Houston, engage with partners and interact with new and tenured employees. 

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Petroleum Engineer

I got to work on a project that was not only interesting and challenging but also had a real impact on the company. My work helped the team overcome a real challenge and I got a seat at the table where important decisions were made.

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College Recruiting


Why Us?

We are a leading independent energy company with a successful track record and a sound strategy for the future. But we are more than that: we are a global company with unique opportunities for learning and professional growth. And we’ve been recognized by the Houston Chronicle and The Denver Post as a “Top Workplace” due, in part, to our exceptional team-oriented environment that embraces new ideas and innovations. Working here provides an opportunity to do meaningful work, while making a positive impact on the people, communities and environments where we operate.

How does Noble Energy serve the communities in which it operates?

Our purpose – Energizing the World, Bettering People’s Lives® – means that positively influencing the lives of our employees, partners, and communities everywhere we operate is inseparable from our work in oil and gas development and exploration. We invest in community health, environmental protection and preservation, and education/workforce development. To read details about our social investments and initiatives, such as NobleACTS, our global employee matching gifts and volunteer program, visit our latest Sustainability Report.

Does Noble Energy have any groups dedicated to its young professionals?

Yes, we have an internal young professionals group called The Wave. This is an early-career networking community for employees across all groups. The Wave hosts social, volunteering and networking events. They also hold an annual conference for all members.

How does Noble Energy recruit students for their intern program?

We actively recruit on campus at select schools throughout the nation. We may also attend graduate career fairs to source potential interns. Our college recruiting teams will always host an information session at the schools we are recruiting from in that year. We will then conduct interviews on campus within a few weeks of these sessions.

When does Noble’s Energy's internship begin and how long does it last?

Our internship program begins at the end of May and lasts for 11 weeks.

What disciplines recruit for interns?

Currently we offer internships within Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Finance and Accounting, Geoscience, IT and Land.

How can I apply to the internship program?

Please submit your resume through your college career center. If we are recruiting at your school we will have our intern position advertised through the careers center.

What does Noble Energy offer to its interns?

We offer a competitive hourly pay rate, as well as paid housing during the length of your internship. We also provide holiday and vacation pay and access to on-site gyms in our Houston and Greeley locations.

How will interning with Noble Energy advance my career?

Interning with Noble Energy will provide you with the opportunity to implement skills and knowledge that you have acquired at school in real life situations. All of our interns spend the summer working on a project that is focused on a current business need and are assigned a supervisor, mentor and peer mentor which stimulates interaction and learning from highly experienced professional.. At the end of summer, you will present on your project and how it directly impacted our business. We will offer our best and brightest interns full time jobs with Noble Energy once they graduate. 

What will my internship consist of?

Internships will be centered around your specific project. At the end of summer, you will present your findings and how it impacted our business. Interns will also have the opportunity to participate in lunch and learns, social events, field trips and networking events.

What groups have rotational programs within the company?

All of our groups that participate in College Recruiting promote new opportunities and skill development for their graduate hires. The following disciplines have structured rotational programs; Engineering, Geoscience and IT which allow new hires to develop their skills in multiple areas.

What does the rotational program look like?

While all groups differ, there is typically three rotations, each of 12 months. Therefore, the graduate gets experience working within three different areas within their discipline. At the end of the three years, the business and individual will decide on which area is the best fit for the individual to continue to grow and develop their career.

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