Disclosing the Facts

As the "Disclosing the Facts" report narrowed its focus last year to track efforts of oil and natural gas companies to reduce methane emissions, we continued to achieve a high rating with 9 out of 13 points. This tied us for fourth among 28 companies evaluated. The report commends us for specific safety and environmental benefits of our ATLAS system and our replacement of 99 percent of high-bleed valves in all U.S. onshore operations.

The report noted Noble Energy as one of “a core group of companies within the industry [that] has maintained and enhanced disclosures of their practices for managing the environmental risks and community impacts of their operations.” Click here to learn more about "Disclosing the Facts. Click here to see our response to the latest questionnaire.

As part of our commitment to learning from rating organizations such as "Disclosing the Facts" and outside stakeholders, we continue to increase our engagement with these groups to ensure our reporting is clear.