Hazard Recognition

One key to preventing incidents is noticing and addressing hazards before they cause a problem. Observing and reporting a hazard creates the opportunity for a conversation about the underlying issue, so that mitigation measures can be taken, and lessons can be shared with others to prevent similar hazards. We enhanced our focus and communication around hazard identification in 2017. Through a mobile app, individuals can note an observed hazard, upload a photo, answer a few questions and submit the observation. With the tool, we initially received about 300 observations per month, but by the end of 2017, an average of 3,000 observations were submitted per month. Every observation is communicated in a daily report sent to all employees. The information is used in safety discussions and company-wide safety communication.

We also identified “10 NO HARM Lifesaving Rules” and rolled out an education program to both field and office employees. The program launched in October 2017 with a focus on one rule each week for ten weeks and has continued to empower front line leadership with a user-friendly coaching platform.

NO HARM Lifesaving Rules