Joining Forces on Methane Emissions

A key part of our environmental strategy is to participate in initiatives to promote environmental transparency, improved environmental performance and innovative technology in the oil and natural gas sector. A current emphasis is on methane reduction.

For example, in 2017 we, along with 25 of the top U.S. natural gas producers, participated in the development of and joined the American Petroleum Institute's Environmental Partnership Program. The first program of this partnership focuses on repairing methane leaks from wells and other U.S. onshore production sources. The partnership is a voluntary effort requiring participants to adopt “guiding principles” for reducing methane emissions by repairing leaks, reducing venting and replacing or retrofitting equipment on existing and new facilities. The partnership will report on progress on an annual basis.

“Environmental protection is an integral part of Noble Energy's commitment to operational excellence and we've made significant advances in reducing U.S. methane emissions. Our participation in The Environmental Partnership Program increases our ability to access key information, better understand how innovation can contribute to methane management and further apply environmental best practices across our operations.”

– Executive Vice President Gary Willingham

In 2017, we also began participating in the Stanford/EDF Mobile Monitoring Challenge designed to test and compare technologies that could be useful for rapid, mobile and/or remote detection and quantification of methane leaks.