Land Use

Facility Decommissioning

We are committed to exiting our projects as responsibly as we begin them. In the decommissioning process, we use standard operating procedures for the assessment and remediation of sites after the discovery of leaks or spills (including historic leaks or spills).

In 2017, our Texas operations decommissioned 11 wells.

In the DJ Basin of Colorado, our field team is focused on decommissioning and removing older wells and facilities consistent with our shift to an integrated development plan where we can strategically combine facility locations.  In 2017, the team plugged a total of more than 500 older wells and removed associated facilities in both urban and rural areas while we only drilled and installed facilities for approximately 100 new wells. That’s a 5-to-1 ratio. And we are on track to remove an additional 600 in 2018, while drilling and installing facilities for approximately 120 new wells.