Public Policy Engagement and Contributions

We believe active participation in the political process is essential to our long-term success. The company advances our public policy agenda through direct lobbying, involvement in various trade associations, the Noble Energy Political Action Committee (NEPAC) and corporate political contributions.

In 2017, Noble Energy once again was in the first tier of the CPA-Zicklin Index published by the Center for Political Accountability. The CPA-Zicklin Index measures the transparency policies and practices of the entire S&P 500 listing of major companies. Noble remains committed to transparency and accountability in its political spending.

Our Political Law Compliance Program ensures continued compliance with U.S. federal, state and local regulations on campaign finance, lobbying, and gifts and entertainment, and with guidelines for employee representation and participation in trade associations. Our Board’s Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee provides oversight for our political activity. In 2017, our federal lobbying expenses were $1.88 million. Click here for a full list of federal issues lobbied by Noble Energy.

NEPAC provides employees a voluntary opportunity to contribute to candidates for state and elected office. Employee contributions to NEPAC totaled $46,596 for 2017. However, since 2017 was not an election year, NEPAC donations to candidates for political office totaled $0. More information is in our 2018 Full Year Political Activity Report. Also on the governance page of our website are our political activity guidelines and an archive of our political activity reports.