Safety Training

Our “Leading NO HARM” training has proven its value and in 2017 we extended it beyond our employees and contractor leadership to present 275 total workshops with representation from 17 different contractor companies. For example, we conducted workshops for Permian Basin and Eagle Ford Shale contractor crews sessions for the Leviathan project team in the Eastern Mediterranean.  

To share what we have learned with others in the industry, we conducted “Leading NO HARM” training for five of our industry peers. Our leadership in this area was recognized by one of our peers at a meeting of the American Exploration and Production Council (AXPC). 

“It was a great opportunity to see what other companies are doing to improve EHS performance. Sharing best practices across our industry is becoming a more common practice and great safety performance is the one metric the industry must continue to reach for perfection. I really appreciated the openness and sharing that Noble exhibited.”

– AXPC Member

Internal safety meetings, conferences and other training events during the year reinforced key principles of NO HARM. 

  • In the Eastern Mediterranean, 110 employees and contractors participated in the 2017 Safety Conference held in Israel, designed to familiarize the contractor community with our safety management systems and culture.

  • Also in the Eastern Mediterranean, we provided fire protection awareness training for office employees in Cyprus. All employees practiced extinguishing a controlled fire using the same equipment located in the office buildings.

  • In the DJ Basin, the operations and production departments conducted quarterly safety leadership meetings involving as many as 50 leaders from both regional and corporate offices.

  • More than 135 employees and contractors focused on leading NO HARM at the Gulf of Mexico business unit’s fourth-annual safety summit at our Houston headquarters.


    Fire safety
    Cyprus employees practice extinguishing a controlled fire at fire protection awareness training