In 2017, our social investments remained focused on three strategic pillars driven by the needs of our communities.

Our social investment activities are governed by an executive-level Corporate Social Responsibility committee. In addition, the Safety, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility board committee receives updates on our overall social investment strategy.

During the year, we assessed the effectiveness of our social investment approach. This process allowed us to collaborate to identify best practices and to align our social investment against areas of greatest community need, biggest impact and that aligned across multiple geographic areas. This section of our sustainability report will highlight our strategic projects.

For all of our multi-year strategic social investments, we require a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with our implementing partner. The MOUs set clear deliverables, timeline and measurement with annual assessments of progress.

Community Health

Community Health
To support community health, we prioritize programs that make a significant and sustainable difference. Women’s health improved as a direct result of our support, especially in West Africa.


In addition to efforts to reduce environmental impacts within our own operation, we support community projects that benefit the environment in the areas where we live and work.

Workforce Development/Education

Workforce Development
Workforce development and education are key components of our social investment both in the U.S. and internationally. We support efforts from elementary schools through higher education.
Global Social Investment Contributions 

United States


West Africa


Eastern Mediterranean




NobleACTS (global matching gifts)2


Total Contributions


1 - Includes new ventures
2 - Includes Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts