Building Trust Through Transparency in israel

As we move forward to construction of the Leviathan natural gas production platform off the coast of Israel, we have increased our local stakeholder engagement efforts. Through town halls, individual meetings with community leaders, a Hebrew-language website and a community hotline, we work to understand local concerns and build relationships of trust and transparency.

We’ve learned that local communities are most concerned about the safety and environmental aspects of the offshore operation, so our responses are focused on educating stakeholders about the steps we take to be a responsible operator as well as the economic and environmental benefits of transforming Israel’s energy infrastructure from imported coal to domestic natural gas. One example of this effort to build understanding is a series of videos that give community members a close-up look at how we operate.

In 2018, we held town hall meetings and met with community leaders in seven cities.  Our community engagement activities also expanded from local coastal communities near the Leviathan field to a broader national outreach approach including a media campaign using both traditional and social media. The national outreach was especially valuable in building awareness and trust around the project.