Engaging Stakeholders in Colorado

Throughout Colorado, our community involvement and stakeholder engagement – called the Noble Neighbor program – is a model for how to build positive relationships with the people and communities where we operate. Through engagement and open communication, we continuously work to balance three elements important to Coloradans: the energy we need, the economy we want and the environment we value.

We engage with a variety of stakeholders and diverse audiences to understand their concerns and priorities. We communicate our activities through a dedicated website and a community newsletter reaching approximately 45,000 people.  Our Employee Ambassador Program ensures our employees understand issues related to our operations and are prepared to engage in their communities.   Our Noble Operations and Safety Training Center (OSTC) in Greeley is available for stakeholder tours, enabling the public to see how we use technology and innovation to protect the environment and health and safety of our workers and communities. In 2018, we hosted 34 tours of the OSTC for a total of 560 people, ranging from students and business organizations to regulators and legislators.

Support for oil and natural gas development remains strong in Colorado. This was most recently demonstrated in the 2018 November election when Colorado voters turned down a setback proposition that would have cut the state's projected oil and gas output roughly in half by 2023.

We continue to work to ensure our neighbors understand all we do to protect, respect and work together with the Colorado communities we call home.