Fines and Penalties

In September 2018, Noble Energy received approval from the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission (COGCC) of an Administrative Order by Consent (AOC) to pay a $200,000 administrative penalty and contribute approximately $1.4 million toward public projects for Colorado, including plugging and removing orphan wells that were owned, operated and abandoned by others. The AOC resolved discussions between Noble Energy and the State that began in May 2017 when Noble Energy self-disclosed to COGCC non-compliance with Mechanical Integrity Testing requirements for certain wells.  The wells were shut-in and not producing oil and natural gas at the time of self-disclosure.  Following our self-disclosure, COGCC staff issued Notices of Alleged Violations relating to Mechanical Integrity Testing at eight of our wells. We have plugged and removed seven of the eight wells and are in the process of completing removal activities at the last of these wells. 

  2016 2017 2018
Marcellus Shale (non-air related)


$0 $0
Marcellus Shale (air-related) $67,500 $0 $0
DJ Basin (non-air related) $0 $0 $0
DJ Basin (air related) $371,236 $193,900 $259,700
Texas (non-air related) - $0 $0
Texas (air related) $0 $0
Gulf of Mexico (non-air related) $0 $0 $0
Gulf of Mexico (air related)   $0 $0
Total $474,236 $193,900 $259,700