Noble Operations Control Center

Safety is our most important responsibility and we are always striving to improve our performance. For this reason, we created the Noble Operations Control Center (NOCC), a nerve center for our northern Colorado operations located in our Greeley office. From this central location, we monitor and remotely control our automated oil and natural gas facilities 24 hours a day.

Our facilities are monitored and controlled remotely in real time 24 hours a day, seven days a week from our Noble Operations Control Center (NOCC)

The NOCC allows technicians to remotely monitor the conditions and performance of our oil and natural gas assets. They can quickly adjust safety, environmental and production controls in real time. In the event of a safety or environmental emergency, we can remotely shut down production at an oil and natural gas facility from the NOCC. Our automated production facilities in the field can also communicate with the NOCC using solar-powered telemetry.

Currently, more than 70 percent of our operations in Colorado are automated and monitored via the NOCC. The vast amount of data consolidated within the NOCC enables our Greeley-based control teams to be the eyes and ears of our operations across the DJ Basin.

Solar-powered telemetry in the field communicates remotely with the NOCC
Solar-powered telemetry in the field
communicates remotely with the NOCC

The cutting-edge innovation and technology of the NOCC also extends to our personnel in the field.  Lease operators – the Noble Energy employees who physically service our facilities in the field – can remotely access the data collected and monitored in the NOCC, greatly improving their effectiveness, efficiency and responsiveness.