Oversight and Management

Exceptional safety performance is critical to our business. The future success of our company begins with keeping our greatest asset – our workforce – safe and secure at all times. We seek to provide our employees and contractors with the safest working conditions possible. We use best practices to equip our workforce with the skills and tools they need to complete their jobs and safely return home at the end of every day.

Our Safety, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Committee is responsible for oversight of Noble Energy’s safety programs and processes. The committee assists the Board of Directors in determining whether we have appropriate safety policies and management systems in place across our operations. In addition, we evaluate environmental and health and safety performance as part of our executive and employee compensation plans.

Our Global Environmental, Health and Safety Management System (GMS) is a fundamental framework that creates consistency across our company. The GMS allows us to effectively plan and execute work, as well as measure, analyze and improve safe operational performance. The system leverages industry best practices and regulatory requirements including those of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, International Labour Organization, World Bank and others.

We strive to keep safety awareness front-of-mind with both our employees and contractors by integrating the positive attitudes and behaviors that promote and strengthen the foundation of our No Harm culture. One key to preventing incidents is to identify and address potential hazards before they cause a problem. Observing and reporting a hazard creates the opportunity for a conversation about the underlying issue, so that mitigation measures can be taken and lessons can be shared with others to prevent similar hazards.