Safety Performance

Our performance over the past several years has continuously improved as our No Harm culture has matured.  We believe our performance is top tier compared to our peers even though 2018 rates have regressed from an exceptional year in 2017. 

Safety performance

In 2018, we had a Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) of 0.39 for employees and contractors combined, up from 0.22 the previous year. Our Days Away from Work Incident Rate (DWIR) in 2018 was 0.07, compared with 0.04 in 2017. The increase occurred in areas where a higher number of contractors supported increased activity. We took immediate action to identify and improve best practices. As a result, we strengthened contractor engagement and improved onboarding and bridging of practices with our contractor companies. In addition, we elevated this matter to an executive-level engagement to ensure the opportunities for improvement were given the highest priority. Through our NO HARM Contractor Outreach Program, we partnered with these contractors to better align our safety cultures.