Strategy and Approach

Making a significant difference in the communities where we live and operate

Our commitment to investing in our communities focuses on the following strategic pillars:

  • Community Health: We support local health efforts by prioritizing programs that make a significant and lasting positive impact, such as women’s health and malaria prevention.
  • Environment: In addition to our efforts to lower our own environmental footprint, we support community projects that benefit biodiversity and the environment where we live and work.
  • Workforce Development and Education: We invest in the success of future generations and the sustained economic growth of the regions where we operate. We support STEAM education and development programs that target underserved student populations.

We further support the communities where we operate through contributions to programs that aim to improve the well-being and quality of life of our communities.

Board-level oversight of our social investment program is provided by the Safety, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility (SSCR) Committee of our Board of Directors.

For our multi-year strategic social investments, we require a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with our local partners. The MOUs – totaling more than a dozen now – set clear expectations for project deliverables, timeline and measurement with annual assessments of progress.

In 2018, we partnered with an independent organization to evaluate our social investment efforts and performance in Houston and in Equatorial Guinea. These third-party assessments allow us to better identify our strengths and areas for improvement. These reviews also help us confirm when a program becomes self-sustaining and can be handed over to our partners. And by applying what we learn, we improve our efforts across other geographic areas.


Through NobleACTS, employees can participate in a matching gifts program as well as grants that recognize their volunteer hours. NobleACTS has become an essential part of our global social investment program, reflecting and amplifying our strategic priorities.

Any employee can apply online through the NobleACTS portal to receive two-for-one matching gifts for their charitable contributions or $500 grants for each 20 qualifying volunteer hours. We also allow employees to use up to 45 hours of paid time off annually for volunteer activities, including company-sponsored projects and individual charitable work. Our employees value this as a job benefit that allows them to use a portion of their work hours to give back to their communities.


Global Day of Caring

In 2018, our executive team, a board member and nearly 1,000 of our employees participated in our second Global Day of Caring, contributing more than 4,000 volunteer hours globally benefitting 19 non-profit organizations. The volunteer hours also generated $67,000 in grants to these organizations through the NobleACTS Global Matching Gifts Program.


Social Investment Metrics


2017 Actual Spend 

 2018 Actual Spend 






 $         3,189,667



 $         8,157,979



 $         1,090,757

Other (includes new ventures)


 $           1,254,643




Global Charitable Matching Gifts Program


 $        1,292,422

Grand Total


 $      14,985,468