Supply Chain Management

Our aim is to have a diverse supplier base, and whenever possible, we use local or regional suppliers and vendors as a way of supporting economic growth in our areas of operation. This includes small and women/minority-owned businesses. By incorporating diversity throughout our supply chain, we can have a more meaningful impact on our surrounding communities.

We are focused on improving the level of local content throughout our international operations. As part of this effort, we encourage our multinational contractors to include local supplier requirements in their requests for proposals and competitive bids, as a way to support local supplier development.

As part of our screening process for new suppliers, we evaluate all prospective vendors across a variety of areas, such as financial health. We only conduct business with suppliers and contractors who meet our requirements of safe work and operations practices. All Noble Energy vendors and contractors must operate in accordance with applicable laws and regulations relating to labor, health and the environment.

We require each of our suppliers to uphold the tenets within our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy and our Code of Conduct. We solicit information on our vendors’ CSR policies, particularly as they pertain to human rights issues, including child labor, forced labor, and grievance mechanisms. We monitor our suppliers’ performance against this policy through regular audits. 

We track key safety performance indicators for our contractors, including Lost Time Incidents and Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR). For more information regarding these metrics, read about our Health and Safety programs. In addition, we conduct regular audits to measure our suppliers’ compliance with our health and safety requirements.